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Daniel Garrie is the founder and managing partner at Law & Forensics. Daniel is paving the way when it comes to 2018’s most pressing cyber security, forensic, and legal issues. Daniel, one of the most sought-after computer forensic experts and special masters, cyber mediators, and forensic neutrals with JAMS.

Judges and attorneys laud his reports for their clarity, focus, and ability to help parties settle even the most complex disputes. Mr. Garrie has garnered a national reputation for his experience at the intersection of technology and the law and is as comfortable talking with entrepreneurs, IT professionals, and developers as he is with lawyers and judges.

In addition to his Law Degree, he holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in computer science and appears as comfortable talking with entrepreneurs as he is with developers, lawyers, and judges. After successfully building and selling several technology start-up companies.

Daniel has garnered a national reputation at the intersection of computer forensics and the law. Daniel is an active adviser and board member for a number of different companies, including KoolSpan, Waratek, and Eccentex.

Daniel spends his time in Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York and is fluent in Spanish.