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Contributing to Non-Profits

50% of all proceeds from our courses are donated to non-profits dedicated to helping women and minorities access previously out of reach further education services.

Lexeprint for Business

Lexeprint is proud to offer businesses the ability to give employees complete access to all the courses offered by Lexeprint. Rates are flexible and determined by the number of employees and level of access to courses.

Earn Certificates

When you complete a Lexeprint course we provide an official certificate verifying your fulfillment of required course materials.

Topic Variety

Lexeprint is proud to offer courses on topics ranging from cybersecurity, ediscovery, artictration, mediation, digital forensics and much more. There is a course for everyone to learn something helpful for their work.

Learn on Your Time

Lexeprint offers unparalleled education offered to you on your own terms. Learn in your own time, furthering your professional education while keeping a balanced profession schedule.

Learn From the Best

Lexeprint is in the unique position to offer hundred of hours of courses filled with insights from the world’s brightest and most influential experts. No other resource offers comparable courses in quality or quantity.

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We are always exploring new ways to collaborate and distribute quality content. For any inquiries, please reach out to our communications department at info@lexeprint.com

About Lexeprint Publishing

The existing landscape of the legal, cybersecurity, tech, and other industries is rife with roadblocks inhibiting the development of women, minorities, and those who do not share in societal privileges afforded to a few fortunate demographics. Lexeprint was founded with the unique goal of operating as a socially aware publisher and educational resource for professionals, of all genders, races, and creeds, looking to have their work put into print and further their education, without barriers.

Our Co-Founder, Daniel Garrie Esq., also founded the Global Cyber Institute, a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to furthering information security skills at the Board and Executive level while promoting gender and diversity awareness. He brings his industry-defining expertise in the form of podcasts, webinars, articles, journals and more; along with the invaluable additions from his respected and accomplished peers and colleagues, all of whom stand at the cutting edge of law practice and policy regarding cybersecurity, eDisovery, and forensics. Everything we do is committed to driving the development of diversity in the cybersecurity, technology, and legal industries. Half of all proceeds to Lexeprint are donated to charities offering resources to women and minorities in an effort to expand the accessibility of these industries. 

Lexeprint provides publishing resources for publications in cybersecurity, technology, and the legal industries. Lexeprint stands out as the leader in legal-tech educations and resources beyond publishing in the form of accredited CPE, CLE, and CEU courses. Lexeprint is proud to offer a large library of articles, journals, and books published in house and offered at competitive pricing. 

We love what we do, and do what we love – offering our own resources as well as helping others publish their own and reach their professional goals. 

Who We Are

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